If You Eat Bananas Everyday, You Must Know These 10 Amazing Facts

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“An apple a day keeps doctors away” is the most common health advice we’ve been hearing for many years. But I think the same sentence should apply also to bananas. Having a banana regularly in our diet can prevent many health problems. It is enriched with Vitamins, Proteins and other useful minerals that are essential to combat ailments. Banana is a panacea for curing insomnia.

Is not sufficient; There are several other facts about bananas that you probably never knew before, but, believe me, it’s worth knowing for a healthy life.


1. Bananas cause a natural antacid effect on the body that helps prevent heartburn.

2. Having two bananas daily before training gives you enough energy.

3. Bananas contain protein called tryptophan that helps fight against depression.

4. Vitamin B6 in it regulates the level of blood glucose in the body.

5. The fruit is enriched with potassium which helps to heal your blood pressure and also prevents strokes.

6. Eating a banana daily at breakfast is quite helpful in reducing the stress effect. Without a doubt, banana is an effective medicine for brain health problems.

7. Bananas are the good source of fiber and therefore are very useful for a good digestion.

8. Potassium in it keeps you alert and focused all the time.

9. The inside of the banana peels can soothe mosquito bites. You should try it.

10. It is hard to believe, but the fruit is so magical that it can reduce the hangover due to alcohol and other drugs.

It is the cheapest fruit that discards diseases of our life and makes it happier and healthier. Including the banana in our diet can be the secret behind your health and fitness.

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