Why You Should Massage Your Feet before Going to bed

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Ending your busy day of walking and standing around, with a nice relaxing foot massage is surely something that everyone wants. Not only will it relax you, but foot massage will provide you with beneficial effects for both your mental and physical health.

Foot massage is the essential component of alternative medicine called reflexology. Our feet have a pair of nerve endings, reflexes, which are connected to different organs and systems in our body. Once we activate these reflexes through the massage of the feet, they show therapeutic effects. Health.

However, foot massages are recommended by health experts to improve overall health of all age groups, and there are many studies that have actually shown this. Nursing and Health Sciences has published a 2002 study focusing on the benefits of foot massage, saying it supports healthy lifestyles for people of all ages, especially improving relaxation, blood circulation and the healing power of a person. There is no need for a professional masseuse for a regular foot massage. Just do it yourself before bed.

Health Benefits of Foot Massage

1. Promotes healthy sleep

Often we face our daily problems even before falling asleep, which prevents a good sleep. A short massage on your feet will relax you and stimulate a healthy sleep, although we know that a full body massage is ideal. Health.

Massages support the free flow of energy, and stimulate the reflexes along the meridians, relaxing them and allowing a restful sleep.

Critical Care Nursing in Iran has published a 2014 study that cardiac patients, especially those with ischemic heart disease, should practice foot massage to improve the quality of their sleep.

2. Improves blood circulation

Most of us wear tight and uncomfortable shoes throughout the day, which is why circulation in our feet is often restricted. In addition, the muscles of the feet of most people do not receive any exercise that only increases poor circulation.

Foot massage 10 to 20 minutes before bedtime is recommended for everyone, especially for diabetics, as they have more potential for peripheral neuropathy.

This problem occurs when the nerves and tissues of the extremities, both feet and hands, do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients due to poor circulation. This can cause tingling, numbness and burning sensation. Health.

The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation have published a 2014 study that shows that the level of physical activity is not related to the benefits of massage, since massaging has improved vascular function in those who do not exercise.

The alteration of the blood circulation can be the cause of the arterial hypertension, cardiac and renal problems, damage to the organs and varicose veins.

3. Relieves low back pain

Foot massage before going to bed is recommended for people suffering from low back pain. They should use their thumbs to apply pressing along the arch of their feet for a short period of about 5 minutes.

The Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery has published a 2012 study according to which reflexology is more beneficial and effective in reducing chronic back pain than massages on the lower back itself.

This type of pain can cause difficulties to have a deep sleep, so you should reduce it with a nice foot massage.

4. Combat anxiety and stress

We have all felt anxious or stressed for some time. By massaging your feet, you will lessen your anxiety and stress, and experience more benefits than just relaxation.

Pressing specific reflexes of the feet promotes relaxation, and triggers responses in the nervous system, such as anxiety or decreased stress. Health.

To find the reflex responsible for stress relief, called the solar plexus reflex, squeeze the sides of the foot together. This reflection is located in the center of the wrinkled area.

BMC Nursing has released a 2012 study that showed that foot massage has reduced blood pressure and anxiety while improving mood in long-term people working with elderly patients with dementia. Health.

Foot massage is the perfect, effective way to deal with daily stress and anxiety.

5. Reduces blood pressure

Since high blood pressure can lead to a myriad of health problems, we should try to reduce it so that we can reduce the risk of those other problems. A regular foot massage can help you in that. Health.

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